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Learner of the Week: Kristel Silang

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Hometown: Philippines

Course: Digital Marketing Capstone

What is a fun fact about you?

I don’t like ripe mangoes and halo-halo even though I’m from the Philippines.

What do you do for a living?

Content Marketing for a fintech startup and a freelance writer

Why did you decide to start the Digital Marketing specialization?

I started taking the Digital Marketing specialization because the benefits of learning from a world-class professor in my own pace for free was too good to pass up. This kind of opportunity rarely happens so I grabbed it.

How have you applied what you’ve learned throughout the Digital Marketing specialization?

The lessons gave me a framework to work on that I used to execute my work tasks better.

I have applied it by making our content marketing strategy and tactics more focused on delivering business results of increasing page views and leads captured.

Do you have any advice for new learners or for those who may be unsure about starting the specialization?

I’d say go for it. There is nothing to lose and so much value to gain. The lessons are actionable, easy to understand, and informative. You will gain a lot of learnings after you are done with each course.

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