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Ranjith Kumar Panjabikesan


Meet Ranjith Kumar Panjabikesan from India as he discusses what he learned throughout the Digital Marketing Specialization.

“Digital Marketing Specialization has enabled me with a better understanding on the following Key highlights/aspects.

Consumers have greater power to create and drive brand stories hence 5th “P” People is crucial. Actively engage consumers to act and to react to the brand stories. Create a unified, coherent and accessible brand experience

Tell Authentic Stories about the Brand.

Align the digital marketing focus with the organization’s business / brand strategy and its overall marketing focus.

Content is King & Context is Queen

Selecting the right Digital Channel(s), Blending Traditional and Digital Channels & Leveraging them effectively is Critical

Seamlessly linking offline / online elements and creating a superior and seamless multi-channel experience for customer is crucial. Continuous & Consistent Content audit to determine if the content being used is delivering against stated objectives across all channels. Establishing right digital Marketing strategies, tactics and KPIs for targeted audience. Acquired skills are being leveraged in Organization & Client(s) Digital Marketing Initiatives.”

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