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How to use Digital Strategy in an Analog World

By Yomi Vinayaka  Digital vs. Analog: The Dilemma As marketers, we know that the evolution of digital has changed the creation, promotion, distribution, and consumption of products. Although the breakthrough has been profound, consumers have not been able to completely forget the physical world. This is where many businesses struggle. There are debates on the […]


Learner of the Week: Jhossua Childs Quevedo

Meet your classmate Jhossua Childs Quevedo, a digital marketing consultant and a Digital Marketing Specialization Graduate. Meet Jhossua. Where are you from?  I was born in the city of Quito, located in Ecuador. What is a fun fact about you? My father is from England and my mother is from Ecuador, which is why my […]


Learner of the Week: Kristel Silang

  Hometown: Philippines Course: Digital Marketing Capstone What is a fun fact about you? I don’t like ripe mangoes and halo-halo even though I’m from the Philippines. What do you do for a living? Content Marketing for a fintech startup and a freelance writer Why did you decide to start the Digital Marketing specialization? I […]


Meet Illinois Community Ambassador Shanshan Thompson

I moved from China to the United States in January 2011. Before that, I was a full-time admissions consultant, helping Chinese students to get admitted into the top American universities. After I became a mom at the end of 2013, I dived into early childhood education in order to have a smoother parenting journey. As […]


Learner of the Week: Veronica Alonso Kanonnikoff

The Digital Marketing Specialization helped Veronica accelerate her new career path in digital marketing. From working in an art gallery to transitioning into the software industry, read her story: Where are you from? I am from Paraguay, after spending 6 years in Amsterdam, I am currently working and living in Lausanne, Switzerland. What is a […]