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Welcome, Digital Marketing learners! Whether you’ve begun the specialization or not, here is a brief overview of what to expect in the specialization to get you started.

The Digital Marketing specialization is offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. You have the choice to either take the course for free or receive your certification. The certification gives you the ability to list the specialization on your LinkedIn and resume and can lead to career advancements at a time when so many employers are demanding skills in digital marketing. The professors include Aric Rindfleisch, a lecturer at the University of Illinois and John M. Jones Professor of Marketing; Kevin Hartman, the Head of Industry at Google; Rhiannon Clifton, Program Director of the Department of Advertising at the University of Illinois; and Vishal Sachdev, Director of the Illinois MakerLab, the world’s first business  school 3D Printing Lab.

But first off, why even bother with a specialization in Digital Marketing?

As one of our learners, Nina Anigbogu, nicely put it,

“The world is changing so fast that God help if you decide to spend so much as one day trying to ignore this. Everything is going digital, and no amount of wishful thinking will change it.”

(Read her review of the course here)

With a world rapidly changing to digital, business can no longer afford to neglect their digital marketing efforts. Digital tools are shifting the balance of power from firms to consumers, and if you don’t know how to harness those tools, you will quickly be left behind. It takes time, hard work, and creativity to develop a well strategized plan, but we’ll provide you with the tools to implement a well put together digital plan. Digital Marketing students receiving their certification have seen the benefits first hand. Many students have reported career advancements and enhanced abilities to discuss these digital concepts to fellow colleagues and clients. Additionally, the courses have even opened up career opportunities for some students. One student is even teaching digital marketing courses at a university now.

So what should you expect to learn in the courses?

Course #1: Marketing in a Digital World

Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular classes on Coursera, attracting more than 100,000 learners. Additionally, the course is the #1 Online Business Course according to Class Central and one of the Top 10 Hottest Online Classes for Professionals according to INC Magazine. Marketing in a Digital World will teach you everything from the basic 4 P’s of marketing to digital concepts such as co-creation, doppelganger brands, 3D Printing, and more.

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Course #2: Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory

With the basic foundation you acquired in Marketing in a Digital World, you’ll take your digital knowledge even farther with Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory. You will learn the introductory theory & marketing analytics that provide marketers with the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges they confront daily in their professional lives.

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Course #3: Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Practice

Building on the theory and foundations of marketing analytics that you’ll have learned in the second course, in this course you will focus on practical application by demystifying the use of data in marketing. Through this course, you will realize the power of visualizing data with artful use of numbers found in the digital space.

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Course #4: Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape

At this point, you’ll be halfway to getting your certificate! You will learn the role of digital channels in an integrated marketing campaign and why you need a digital strategy. Additionally, you will interact with the content and have a chance to hear from industry experts invited to join the course. This course will teach you everything from content marketing to digital media channels, market research, how to pitch your marketing plan, trends in digital marketing, and a whole lot more of exciting topics!

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Course #5: Digital Marketing Channels: Planning

With just this course to learn before you complete your Capstone Project, you will be so close to completing your specialization. You will learn the best practices for successful online copywriting and SEO, how to plan, set up, and run your own search campaign, the process of producing successful online videos, and the best ways to engage with audiences on social channels. Additionally, you will learn great practices for social media strategy creation and execution, how to plan and execute an email campaign, and the effective campaign measurement. Finally, you will learn how to track mobile activity, how to optimize your digital plan, and the best practices in digital.

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Course #6: the Capstone

You’ve finally reached the Capstone having learned so much already. Now you’ll be putting that learning into practice. In the Capstone, you will be working on a problem specified by the Digital Marketing team at Grainger, to develop a channel strategy to increase sales of Bosch power tools on Grainger.com. You will have the opportunity to combine the tools and techniques obtained through all the courses in this specialization and apply them to a real business problem. The Capstone project will be 6 weeks long. You must take the Capstone project class after taking all the other courses in this Specialization.

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I hope this will help give you a greater background of all the exciting things you are in for when you sign up for the Digital Marketing Specialization. Happy learning!

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