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Learner of the Week: Zainab Ahmad

Traveling in London
Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Kenya, (where my parents were expatriate doctors), educated in Pakistan, lived
in Dubai, am a Swedish citizen and have some professional interests in the UK. It’s pretty hard to decide
which one is my hometown. I love the libraries in Europe, the rain in Kenya and mangoes in Pakistan.
What is a fun fact about yourself?
Exercise is my heaven. I have kettlebells, and am working on getting a proper squat rack to use barbells
safely at home. At the gym, they put in a squat rack especially for me in the ladies’ section. I remember
the way ladies were laughing when I first walked to the heavy weights. After watching my daily hour
long workouts doing pushups, HIIT on the treadmill and using heavy weights (with NO grunting), the
same ladies seemed to literally hop out of my way with scared expressions and scuttle off when I
passed by. Which is very funny, since I’m a very nice person (so people say)!
What do you do for a living?
I’m a freelance writer, content creator and marketer at Xenia WordArt. I’ve been doing this for a few
long-term clients while caring for my children. Now they are school age and I am stepping up my
business, improving my skills and exploring new opportunities.
What would your dream job look like?
I’ve freelanced and had traditional jobs. Ideally, I’d love to work as a long term virtual contractor or
freelance team member with a well-established organization. This would give me the flexibility to be
there for my children as well. I’d prefer to work with an organization committed to making a difference
and delivering real value to people; contributing to something meaningful would motivate me to go all
out. I prefer progressive organizations where team members are valued and encouraged to grow
Why did you decide to start the specialization?
I want to be able to deliver more value for my clients; in today’s marketplace, continuous self-improvement and skill development is a must. As a copywriter and content creator in the age of content marketing, I intend to have mastery of the latest and best in my field. Marketing and copywriting are valuable: and this is how I define my work:
Helping people connect to opportunities, products, and services that will enrich their lives.
To deliver more value for my clients, I obtained certification in NLP, enhancing my understanding of
language and human neurology. I am pursuing an online degree in psychology. I attended a two week
Project Management course in Sweden. I’ve attended Seth Godin’s Skillshare Marketing course and
taken Hubspot certification. After researching a large number of comprehensive marketing courses
online, this course struck me as the best: in terms of the syllabus, which is up to date and practical,
reputed instructors, flexible online structure and certification.
 Zainab Quote
What has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?
I just started, am in the first week; however, everything is very illuminating. I love the applications of 3D
printing, which will profoundly transform the factory– middle man– consumer model. The balance of
power, influence and control is moving towards the end user rather than the big producers. Nanotechnology bio-interface devices present a variety of ethical issues; neural lace seems to put a lot
of power in the hands of the controller, not withstanding the health benefits. Fascinating advances, yet
opening up new gray areas.
Have you gotten a chance to apply Digital Marketing concepts to your daily life?
I hope to apply all I learn. The concept of co-creation is very profound, and I’m looking at ways to
involve customers in real and meaningful ways in current and future projects. The possibilities for end
users are expanding rapidly; to create a career, a product or social impact in the world. I am now looking at scientific advances with an eye to marketing applications.
How do you plan your schedule to make time for Digital Marketing courses?
I have a particular time first thing in the morning earmarked for learning. During this period, I read articles, reports or pursue certification courses for 30-45 minutes daily, sometimes longer. Daily consistency is more important than long study sessions. The Pomodoro app is useful in keeping focused; sometimes I spend more time than I should doing research, as it is fascinating.
Do you have any advice for new learners or those who may be unsure about starting the specialization?
Make a little time on a daily basis, and pursue this course. In an information age of Youtube, whitepapers,
blogs and webinars, I’ve seen marketer conversations questioning the necessity of academic educational degrees. This course delivers valuable up to date concepts that broaden the marketing thought process.
Hands-on exercises and interaction with other students are valuable components of learning and expanding my own views. I’m very glad to see a whole mix of professionals, seasoned marketers and newbies from all over the world benefiting from this course. I’m gaining a firm
intellectual grounding, practical methodologies and increased professional legitimacy as a marketer by
completing this course. Aric’s research, knowledge and experience in the field means that in a short
period of time we are gaining precious insights shortening the learning curve. Also hope to form lasting
professional connections with the others.
Go for it. The learning experience is invaluable. Certifications give you credibility;
prove you’re serious in your work and provide valuable associations. Good luck!
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  1. Kaustuv De says:

    Lerned a lot from this interview. Thanks to Zainab fro providing valuable informations and advise.

    • Zainab Ahmad says:

      Thank you Kaustuv De!
      I enjoyed the course and my clients are benefiting as I bring them the value I derived.
      Just finished a couple of other courses, in analytics and social media marketing. I plan on a lifetime of continuous learning to increase the benefits to my clients.
      Appreciate your stopping by. Look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn! (Xenia WordArt).

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