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Learner of the Week: Cristian Vásquez Romero


Where are you from?
I am from Lima, Perú, but I have also lived in the United States, and stayed for a few months in China.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I finished my Civil Engineering Undergrad when I was 20, at Utah State University. I love learning new things every single day.

What do you do for a living?
I work for an International Consulting Firm as a Civil Engineer.

What would your dream job look like?
Manage my own businesses where I can create value to society, create thousands of jobs, be my own boss and most importantly, help people develop their potential.

Why did you decide to start the Digital Marketing specialization?
On my free time I have worked on several different Digital Marketing projects in Peru, for businesses, celebrities, politicians and non-government Organizations, just by having empirical knowledge and some self-education. The University of Illinois Digital Marketing Specialization has given me some solid technical knowledge to become a better “Digital Marketing professional”.

What has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned through the specialization/course you are on?
I learned a lot of interest things throughout the different courses. I especially liked the sections on 3D printing and Augmented Reality, since I didn’t know much about these topics beforehand.



Have you gotten a chance to apply Digital Marketing concepts in your daily life?
Yes. I have helped several people and organizations with Digital Marketing and have applied Digital Marketing concepts in some entrepreneurships that I am working on.

How do you plan your schedule to make time for Digital Marketing courses?
I try to study 1 hour per day. Also, I use the mobile application as much as possible in order to take advantage of all the free time I have when I am traveling, waiting for an appointment or just laying on my bed. Little by little I have been able to finish several courses on this and other Specializations.


Do you have any advice for new learners or for those who may be unsure about starting the specialization?
This specialization provided some of the best classes I have had in my life, with world-class faculty, and very interesting and useful material regardless of the profession you currently have.

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  1. Zainab Ahmad says:

    Hi Cristian; I like your tip of making study and work mobile as much as possible; so much can be done with a phone while waiting somewhere, as you said!

    I loved the 3D printing and augmented reality parts too… I have seen a few startups taking these concepts further, locally. Best of luck to you!

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