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Here’s How Supershoppers Make the Best Use of Google Search for Holiday Shopping


Holiday season is here and almost everyone is shopping. Supershoppers search the web consistently for gift ideas, catalogs, affirmation, and inspiration. Whatever their purpose might be, marketers should prove useful. Google dived into Luth Research’s reports on clickstream data and discovered two themes in the shopping habits of supershoppers. First, they like to go with their gut feelings when it comes to testing if a product really meets their needs. Second, search advances as they start narrowing down to what they actually want.

Consumers’ hands are full of information about the product they want to buy and they use it to find the best product. The data in the report shows that searches for “best gift” increased by 70% this year while searches for “cheap gifts” grew by 35%. Consumers often browse through many sites before narrowing down to one product and best deals. A consumer might spend a lot of time on one site, but that doesn’t mean he/she will make the purchase. They ask themselves “Is it right for me?” before making the purchase decision. However, businesses can re-engage supershoppers by using remarketing techniques and through analyzing the shopping behaviors of consumers. This helps supershoppers in finding your business again and again.

Supershoppers always keep their options open while shopping. They are usually ready to buy from new sellers. Last year, 50% of holiday shoppers said they were open to buying from new retailers. Consumers begin with a broad search criteria and keep narrowing down their search. For example, say you are looking to buy an Android phone. As your buying research progresses, you then start looking for an Android phone with a 5.5” screen, and then look into the camera quality of your narrowed options, and so on.

When it comes to these kinds of searches, your product can get sold only if it shows up in search. Your brand must be discoverable to come into the eyes of the consumers.

Read the full Google Report here.

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