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Digital Marketing Book Club Launch


Although the courses are great for learning the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, expanding your learning to incorporate both outside course material and intellectual conversation with your peers is key to gaining the maximum experience out of these courses. Putting this into consideration, we wanted a way for learners in the Digital marketing courses to be able to achieve both of these expansions at once. To achieve this, we have decided to launch an online Book Club for the Digital Marketing Specialization!

We will begin the Book Club by reading essays that relate to course material. For the first week, we invite you to propose ideas for which essay we should read in our Facebook Group where discussion will be held. When you propose an idea for an essay you think we should read, include a very small summary of what the essay is about to provide your peers with more information. We will take a poll at the end of the week asking learners out of the best essay proposals that were submitted which one we should read. Once we choose an essay to read, you will have two weeks to read the essay and discuss it with your peers in the Facebook group. After the two weeks of discussing the essay are finished, we will again take a week to decide what our next essay will be.

Some great ways to engage in the Facebook group include but are not restricted to…

  • Asking questions about sections in the essay you are confused on
  • Proposing questions that tie to Digital Marketing course material to fuel discussion
  • Commenting and liking other members’ posts
  • Posting a list of insights you derived from the essay
  • Relating essay material to your work life

Click to Sign Up for the Book Club Happy reading!

If you have any questions about how to use the Facebook Group, feel free to message us on the Digital Marketing Specialization Facebook Page or email cobcourserastaff@gmail.com

We would love to hear from you on any ideas you may have for the club, so please leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

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  1. Zainab Ahmad says:

    The book club is a lot of fun. Very interesting contributions being made, and enjoying reading them all, as a group.

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