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Meet Illinois Community Ambassador Manuel Feldmann

Meet our Illinois Community Ambassador Manuel Feldmann! As a member of our team, Manuel moderates our Digital Marketing Book Club and produces engagement strategies to better communicate with learners via social media. Additionally, he is a blogger on our website and creates content for our YouTube channel.

A true binge learner, a top 2% influencer worldwide, a past radio show host and once a Go Kart Race Driver:

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Hometown: Karlsruhe, Germany

Occupation: Currently working hard on my Ph.D. expose, on academic research projects (political marketing and digital marketing,) publications, and various marketing and PR projects to boost my academic way.

Education: I have an M.A. in Political Science and Political Science South Asia with a focus on modern communication, a professional degree in Public Relations (FJS) and I also have done four complete university specializations in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital PR and International Marketing + Cross Industrial Growth. I have also completed the Hootsuite University ( in Social Media), I am also certified by Microsoft (Digital Literacy), Alison (Web Development and Marketing, Business Management, Human Ressources), Google (Digital Marketing), Hubspot (Inbound Marketing). For me “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom,” like Geroge Washington Carver said.

What is your favorite part about being an ambassador?

Definitely the great cooperation with my ambassador colleagues and the professors from the University of Illinois Digital Marketing Specialization. The support by the professors, especially Professor Sachdev and Professor Rindfleisch, is amazing. Moreover, it is awesome to create new digital marketing strategies and to apply them in the real world. I also love the great communication in the team. The team spirit is exciting.

Why did you decide to take the Digital Marketing specialization?

I wanted to get better in Digital Marketing because I saw and still see my future in the digital area. And of course, it helped me a lot until today. I have already entered the professional Digital Marketing area, and I am really happy about that. For instance, I am a Hootsuite Ambassador and part of an Inbound Marketing team. And of course, the mentor position for all six Digital marketing courses is so amazing.

What advice do you have for new Digital Marketing learners?

Don’t give up. You will make it when you believe in your power. I know the specialization is long but you will be so happy when you get your capstone certificate. And don’t forget: these kinds of online educations are new and modern. And you are part of this great learner community.

How do you manage your time to make progress through the online courses you take?

I am using these great smartphone calendars. I set dates and then Google reminds me via email

What’s a fun fact about you?

When I was young, I was a co-host of a weekly german radio show. I was also part of some movies and TV shows. (cause i needed the money) and I was a fashion model (don’t know how i got this job. i am only 175 cm tall) . After that i was a Go Kart Race Driver (but I got afraid of the speed and had a crash with a bucket that was placed on the race track). Then I tried to become a Latin-American dancer (as a German…. ). So maybe it is better to call it: A dancer of Latin-American dances. But due to a motivation loss (and maybe not the best talent), I made a 10 year break and some months ago I returned to the dance floor and I tried to qualify for the Just Dance World Cup from UBISOFT. But i was ranked only 12th in Germany, which was of course not my fault…. it was the fault of…. ahhhm…. aaaahhhm…. the neighbours cat…. ahm no… ahm the internet connection… ahm no… maybe I wasn’t prepared that good.

What’s your favorite movie/show/TV series?

I like watching musicals like Phantom of the Opera or Starlight Express. In terms of TV series, I prefer Gran Hotel, Alf, Broadchurch, House of Cards, Simpsons, Marseilles and BBC’s Sherlock. Oh yes and of course: Downton Abbey.

Do you have a special talent?

Yeah, to annoy our family cat Speedy is one of my greatest talents. But no worries, in general, we are still best buddies!

What is the coolest thing you have ever done?

I married my wife. She is awesome and my idol.

See what Manuel is up to on Twitter @ManuelFeldmann!


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