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Illinois Community Ambassador Showcase: Mariana Pinto Veiga


This week, we are highlighting our very first Illinois Community Ambassador. Mariana joined the team in June 2016, and since then has been a vibrant member of our ambassador team.

A lawyer turned marketer, an avid traveler, and both a cheese lover and maker– learn more about our creative social media strategist.


Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Occupation: Marketing Coordinator at a Law Firm

Education: Lawyer, corporate law, and digital marketing specialist


Why did you decide to take the Digital Marketing Specialization?

After six years of being a lawyer, I was offered to run a law firm’s marketing department. The experience is very exciting, but I lacked some formal education. The Digital Marketing Specialization was perfect to show me the basic fundamentals as well as brand new trends about my new field.

How did you manage your time in order to graduate from the specialization?

I tried my best to keep a regular weekly schedule as if I had to attend a physical classroom. That helped me to plan my activities and make clear to everyone (work, family and friends) that they shouldn’t count on me in those hours. Whenever I failed to keep this schedule, I lost the pace. This also helped me to be more organized.

What advice do you have for new Digital Marketing learners?

Make the best of the course and engage with all the side activities. Be part of study groups and read a lot about the top trends. (And let us know about all of your personal accomplishments. We love to hear about them!)

What is your favorite thing about being an ambassador?

Meeting so many cool people and being able to be part of initiatives that will be shown all over the world to our international learners.

What is a fun fact about you?

Even though I live in one of the biggest cities in the world (and in a small apartment), I love making cheese at home. My specialty is brie, but I can also make mozzarella and a few others.

What is your favorite thing to do on a weekend?

Wake up late and ride my bike with my husband and son to have a picnic in the park.

What is the coolest thing you have ever done?

I just came back from an amazing journey across the Trans-Siberian railroad. I spent 25 days with my husband and our two-year-old traveling through Russia, Mongolia, and China and having the best experiences one could ever have. We also camped with a Mongolian nomadic family and the best part was making cheese with them!


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