Monthly Archives: November 2016

Here’s How Supershoppers Make the Best Use of Google Search for Holiday Shopping

Holiday season is here and almost everyone is shopping. Supershoppers search the web consistently for gift ideas, catalogs, affirmation, and inspiration. Whatever their purpose might be, marketers should prove useful. Google dived into Luth Research’s reports on clickstream data and discovered two themes in the shopping habits of supershoppers. First, they like to go with […]


My Learning Journey So Far in the Digital Marketing Specialization

After switching from a banking career to an IT consultancy firm that offers digital marketing solution to a niche market, I was having a difficult time developing knowledge about the mechanism of digital marketing and how it actually works. I was not provided with any training opportunities by my employer because of the small size […]


Google Shares Insights to Build a Better Mobile Strategy

In this fast-moving mobile world, answers are expected to be super-quick. People pick the nearest device whenever they want to accomplish a task, learn something, or make a decision. Our mobile devices have become an inseparable part of our lives. The introduction of the mobile devices has entirely changed the interaction scenario between people. People […]


Social media and PR: A Fruitful Connection?

By Manuel Feldmann, Illinois Community Ambassador Social media is on everyone’s lips. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Several millions of users around the globe use the social networks. The benefits are obvious: you can quickly and easily get in contact with people, share your thoughts or create networks with like-minded people. Social media is also increasingly used […]