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The Digital Marketing Specialization is split into 6 courses + "Capstone Project", which will teach you the latest skills in the digital marketing field. Each piece of the specialization will provide you with the knowledge to put together your own digital marketing plan.

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Enlightening More Than 200,000 Learners: A Conversation With Chaired Illinois Professor Aric Rindfleisch Upon Reaching A Milestone With His Course “Marketing In A Digital World”

By Mark Eric Benson, Manuel Feldmann and Shanshan Thompson It is an accomplishment worthy of recognition by the Illinois Community Ambassadors–Aric Rindfleisch, John M. Jones Professor of Market[...]

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How to use Digital Strategy in an Analog World

By Yomi Vinayaka  Digital vs. Analog: The Dilemma As marketers, we know that the evolution of digital has changed the creation, promotion, distribution, and consumption of products. Although the brea[...]

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Digital Marketing for Startups: How to Increase Brand Awareness

By Mark Benson, MBA; Professor Vishal Sachdev, Illinois Makerlab; Manuel Feldmann, MA, Ph.D. Candidate; Shanshan Thompson, MS; Natalie Papazian, BS; and other contributing Illinois Community Ambassado[...]

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My First Pop-Up Shop Experience

By Shanshan Thompson One year ago, when I took the digital marketing specialization, during one of the discussions on marketing strategies, a fellow learner mentioned the concept of pop-up shops. This[...]

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I'm about to complete this course and have to say that it's one of the best MOOCs offered on Coursera. This MOOC is well-organized, and staff is there to answer your questions and concerns. Videos are of good quality and the professor has a good style of delivery. I like that this course combines lectures with interviews with students and experts in different fields. I learned new concepts in regards to digital marketing that I didn't know before so it was time well-spent! Lydia - a learner
I have just completed this course as the very first step in the Digital Marketing specialization. The quality of the lectures is high, the topics are practice / real life oriented. I really love how the students are integrated into the course and that during the assignments they can (have to) try how theories work in real life. I would say that the course really demands efforts and time from those who take it serious, but this is exactly what the whole thing is about. I look forward to the other courses in the specialization.Ivan - a learner
I thought this course was great: excellent content and well presented. Aric paces it well and I appreciate his presentation method: great videos; short readings; and challenging quiz questions. I thought I knew something about digital marketing, but I've certainly learnt a great deal more. I think the examples are contemporary and helpful to me and to my clients. I look forward to continuing with this specialization.Slobodanka - a learner

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Meet the Digital Marketing Professors

John M. Jones Professor of Marketing and Executive Director of the Illinois Maker Lab

Aric Rindfleisch

John M. Jones Professor of Marketing

Head of Industry at Google, Lecturer at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Kevin Hartman

Head of Industry at Google

Associate Professor of Digital Media

Mike Yao

Program Director

Director Illinois Makerlab / Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Vishal Sachdev

Creative Director

Meet the Faculty

Meet Professor Aric Rindfleisch, instructor of the Marketing in a Digital World course.